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Absorbent Montessori Material
Absorbent Montessori Material Inc. for Sale

Absorbent Montessori Material is a family owned and operated company in Fox River Grove, IL since 2010.It began with one goal in mind, and that was to provide our customers with the best quality Montessori teaching materials at the lowest possible prices.


Since its inception, AMM has offered a variety of products that are manufactured to

meet the exactitude and specifications of the apparatus and educational practices

developed and instituted by Dr. Maria Montessori. We are proud of our wide

network of manufacturers, who not only are world class, but consistently fabricate

materials insuring that they meet the highest safety and aesthetic standards in the

industry. What once began with a few specialty items available on the shelf or by

word of mouth, has now expanded to product line numbering into the hundreds.

Availability-- sold by catalog, at conferences, and online as well as our personal

service has enabled the AMM brand to be equated with quality and guaranteed



At Absorbent Montessori Material, customer satisfaction has always been our top

priority. With that in mind, it is our desire now to find a buyer that not only has the

same passion for quality as we have had but also has the aspiration to continue to

build and expand this company’s broad client base and product line. We know that

with just a handful of businesses within this market, in the right hands, there will

be no end to the growth of this company in the future.


We at Absorbent Montessori Material sincerely thank you for your ongoing business

and for taking the time to reading this letter. If offering a high quality product,

being your own boss and serving a growing community is something that interests

you please contact us.


We are eager to pass the torch into capable hands!

For any and all inquiries contact us:

or by phone: 1-630- 456-3157